The Sexier Side of Marijuana

"Out of the Bed" by Quang'y via Flickr
“Out of the Bed” by Quang’y via Flickr

Cannabis can be consumed in a number of ways — smoking, ingesting, vaporizing — but now there is a whole new way to enjoy that amazing herb, and it’s only for the ladies.

Introducing Foria, a THC-infused personal lubricant that provides the same euphoric “high” to your lady parts that it might otherwise give your head or body.

Fiora is specifically geared toward women, as the THC and other cannabinoids absorb easily through the vagina and whole vulva area. The penis, on the other hand, isn’t as absorbent so men will likely not feel the effect of the THC sex lube.

Sorry guys.

“Smoking a Joint” by Valentia Volavia via Flickr.

Women who have used the product claim feeling a relaxing sensation in the area around 15 to 20 minutes after application. The area gets warm and sensations intensify allowing for multiple orgasms within a matter of minutes. Heightened sensations mean heightened sexual pleasure — literally.

Foria is safe for application because it is made with coconut oil (a common home remedy for yeast infections) and diluted THC oil. Though the spray is edible, I recommend saving it for the bedroom — at $88 for a one-ounce bottle (around 30 servings), your pot edibles should probably be purchased separately.

Unfortunately, at this point, Foria is only available in California to residents with valid medical marijuana licenses. If we wait a little longer, though, it’ll be available right here in Colorado and in Washington. Distribution to these states is expected this summer. Yay us!

I’ve always been a traditional smoker. I don’t need dabs or edibles to make me happy. An evening bowl of some tasty green suits me just fine. But, after learning about the latest way to consume marijuana, I might just have to give it a try. Because my head has always been happy with my high, why not give my lady region a go at it, too?



What do you think? Would you try Foria?


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