Cannabis Clubs are Coming to Colorado

Despite some complications surrounding the Clean Indoor Air Act, more and more clubs geared toward the marijuana enthusiast are popping up around Colorado. Operating as “private” or “members only” clubs to bypass the law, these clubs offer different membership options ranging from a simple pay-as-you-enter place to toke your own to dab lounges that offer free hits upon entry with the purchase of a membership.

Though faced with a few complications while getting started, cannabis bars are showing promise thanks to marijuana tourism and Denver’s ever-popular cannabis culture. Now, thanks to clever business plans and careful attention to protocol, marijuana clubs offer residents and out-of-town-ers alike a safe place to relax and enjoy our new found freedom.

  • Club 64/The 710 Club: Specializing in welcoming tourists to our mile high city, Club 64 and its sister store, the 710 Club, offer a number of membership options. From single-day admittance to month-by-month memberships, guests at these clubs can enjoy tours, events, medicated treats and a special smoker’s lounge. They’ll even pick you up from the airport, bring you a goodie bag and swing you by a dispensary before arriving at home base.
  • Club Ned: If you fancy a toke in a mountain town, then Club Ned is where you’ll want to be. In keeping with the small-town feel of Nederland, the town in which Club Ned resides, the owners of the bar have sought the approval of the whole city, thus reducing the changes for a raid and increasing the safety of the town as a whole. Purchase your monthly membership then come enjoy live music and good people at the area’s first cannabis-friendly lounge.
  • Studio A64: This upscale vape bar hosts any number of events to cater to smokers of all types. Offering weekly casino nights, a jazz lounge and a karaoke bar, Studio A64 is a great place to go to take in local culture, enjoy adult activities and perhaps even get a new piece or T-shirt as a souvenir. Entry fees are about $5 depending on the event, but do not include the membership fee.
  • The lazy Lion: As a member of the Lazy Lion cannabis club, members get exclusive access to an arcade room, pay-per-view entertainment and $2 dab hits, or come in for “dabby hour” between 4:00 and 5:00 to snag half-priced hits.

Choose from any number of rigs which feature electric nails so you’ll never have to wait for a torch. In addition to the great entertainment and tasty extracts, members get the chance to meet and greet fellow connoisseurs who share the love of cannabis.

It took some time, but marijuana clubs are finally arriving in Colorado, where Cannabis and culture collide. Whether you’re a resident or a visitor to our beautiful state, you can find a safe place to enjoy cannabis at one of these member’s only establishments, where music, entertainment and marijuana come together to create a culture of peace, fun and good friends. Because it’s always more fun to share, and cannabis is certainly no exception.
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6 thoughts on “Cannabis Clubs are Coming to Colorado

  1. These clubs are way cool, but Denver keeps shutting them down in their city, saying it is public consumption. Lets hope Denver sees the light soon.

    1. I agree. It’s really tricky right now, though, because tourists need a safe place to toke, but a lot of businesses simply can’t allow it because of regulations. And we certainly don’t want them to be forced to drive and toke, so what else are they to do?

      Plus, as a resident of Denver, I think it’s only natural to have a place to be able to smoke and meet new people — just like a bar scene minus the ramped-up aggression that booze brings. Though I haven’t had the pleasure to try one of these lounges out, I want to, and I feel like it should be a part of the cannabis culture that Colorado is helping create in the first place.

      We’ll see. I hope they pan out in the long run, though, because a cannabis club sounds like my kind of hang-out 😉

  2. I found an excellent marijuana lounge right downtown 1/2 block off the 16th Street mall on Wazee called Mile High Lifestyle Mansion open every day from 10 ’til 10 that’s carved up into several party rooms with couches, flat-screen TVs, etc. It’s categorized as a private residence so there’s no problem with any of the laws about public consumption, etc. There is a $10 per day fee and they also have a chauffeur service and party bus. You have to BYO but they have a huge selection of pipes, electronic dab rigs, etc. as well as snacks and non-alcoholic drinks. The vibe is really cool.

    1. Thanks for sharing, Bob. The industry is evolving quickly and it can be hard keep track of it all so comments like this are especially valuable.

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