Be a Part of a Budding Industry by Working in Weed

Marijuana legalization has done many things for the state of Colorado. Crime is down, spirits are up, and the economy is flourishing thanks to new businesses and tourist attractions.

There are also thousands of new jobs that have been born since marijuana legalization. From growers, trimmers and budtenders (think bartenders who specialize in cannabis-related products rather than booze) to extract artists, garden supply companies and mobile application developers, the industry needs workers, and positions don’t seem to be filling fast enough.

To facilitate the process of employing a whole cannabis industry, the CannaSearch job fair has been created. During the event’s second run, held on September 16, 2014, around 500 jobs were said to be filled including positions in management, information technology, marketing, tourism and general labor. In some cases, nothing more than a current MMJ employee badge and a polished resume was needed to land a job in the canna-biz.

Though turn-out was less than projected for the second CannaSearch, it was a huge success, no less. In addition to offering job seekers the opportunity to speak directly with recruiters, it also hosted seminars and panel discussions to help answer any uncertainties surrounding the industry. The networking even that followed allowed for further elaboration of the issue and, of course, a vital opportunity to rub elbows with industry leaders.

Some of this year’s CannaSearch participants included dispensaries like the Walking Raven and MindFul, edible companies like Incredibles, marijuana classes from the Trichome Institute and Cannabis Trainers, and temp agencies like Ms. Mary Staffing and Hemp Temps. Many other companies such as Cannabis Commodities Exchange and THC Magazine were there to participate and educate job seekers about the industry, but may be hiring in the near future.

Canna-businesses are growing rapidly and need are in need of skilled workers in every field to fill thousands of positions in Colorado. Though the industry is still young, within a few years, cannabis legalization will grow like wildfire, opening up even more positions throughout the nation.

If you want to try your hand in the canna-biz, then there’s a job waiting for you. Whether you currently live in a pot-friendly place or are waiting for your state to jump on board, when weed becomes legal, an abundance of jobs will follow. So hop on and hold on; cannabusinesses are ready to take flight.

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2 thoughts on “Be a Part of a Budding Industry by Working in Weed

  1. Cool, What about you? did you apply for a job? Of all the jobs, trimming has got to be the worst. It is a thankless job, but has to be done. You start by being all excited that you have finally chopped your plant, but after trimming 20 or so, you do lose the will to live!!!!!

    1. I can imagine! But it can be a good way to get your foot in the door, at least (or make for a good source of scissor hash).

      As for me, I did drop off a few resumes, mostly for customer service or inbound marketing positions. Whether or not it will work out, however, has yet to be seen.

      But, whether or not it pans out, I appreciate the ability to be able to do this sort of thing. You know, to collaborate with people from all different backgrounds about an industry that is already so close to my heart. I feel like I’m a part of a movement, and am proud to contribute to it in any way I can.

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