Alaskan Anchor Quits Her Job Live for the Best Reason Ever

Social media is alive with the news of Alaskan anchor, Charlene Egbe, who quit her job, on-air, after reporting that she will be dedicating her life to the pursuit of freedom and fairness, starting with marijuana legalization in Alaska.

After outing her role as the owner of the Alaskan Cannabis Club (and insinuating that her bosses would not take lightly to this news), she simply said “Fuck it. I quit” before exiting the set. She is now a major advocate for Alaska’s Measure 2 which proposes marijuana regulation similar to that of both Colorado and Washington.

Prior to her epic exit, Egbe (reporting as Charlo Greene) addressed marijuana legalization as it pertains to her state, but was careful to avoid naming herself as an advocate or or proprietor of a cannabis business.

Unable to live in the “weed closet” any longer, however, Egbe came out to her friends, colleagues, Alaskans and everyone else connected to social media, by naming herself owner of what is bound to be a very successful cannabis business.

But why did she do it? Was it just her vested interest in the business, or was there more to this bold move than a simple way to create a name for herself?

Watch Egbe explain why she risked her career as an anchor for the pursuit of pot.

What do you think? Was this a good move on Egbe’s part? Or should she have been more graceful in her resignation?

Would you buy weed from her? I sure as hell would.


3 thoughts on “Alaskan Anchor Quits Her Job Live for the Best Reason Ever

  1. I saw and loved the way she quit. I have no problem with main stream media getting embarrassed as it has willfully misled people for decades to the profit of their corporate owners.

    How are you?

    1. I’m good. Thanks! I’ve been pretty busy, though, so much that I hardly have time for Mary Jane Can, anyway. I just started working at a local dispensary so that’s taking some time. Plus, I’ve been trying to tie up all loose ends with writing clients, so contributing to MJC has kind of been on the back burner.

      What about you? Staying busy? Still fighting the good fight, I take it?

      1. Yes, still sticking it to the man ha ha! Your new work sounds cool 🙂 I didn’t see your writing for a while so I thought I would check in with you. What is it like working in a dispensary?

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