Weed Gets Social

We’ve come a long way from being forced to hide in the bathroom or behind a dumpster to toke with friends. Now that marijuana legalization is gaining momentum, more and more people are coming out of the proverbial weed closet, and they’re congregating online.

Social sites dedicated to the cannabis culture (and the subsequent industry) are popping up everywhere. From BudPubs to WeedWall, the Internet is alive with the hustle and bustle of this budding lifestyle. Here’s the low-down on where to get high online.

Domingo Na Casa | Especial Cannabis Medicinal 20/04/2014

  • BudPubs: BudPubs is a world-wide resource for smoking lounges, cannabis-friendly events and smoke shops. Though the site appears to be run primarily by business owners who cater to the marijuana lifestyle, there is also a place for Joe Schmo to join in on discussions through their community forum.
  • Cannabase: CannaBase is a fun social site featuring status updates, exclusive deals to dispensaries and other cannabis-related distributors and even offers regular giveaways. Visit their site hourly where you can enter to win cool stuff from sponsors and tickets to exclusive events . So sign up, spark up your favorite strain and pass the joint at this Denver-based social site.
  • HeadBuzz: Come to HeadBuzz to connect with fellow stoners, read the latest cannabis news, take quizzes and check out marijuana-related events. The site appears to be pretty young, so there isn’t a lot of action, yet, but stay tuned because it has the potential to grow into something great.
  • KushCommon: This site features a layout much like Facebook, complete with status updates, friend requests, music videos and even a marketplace. There is also an events section, but the site appears to be based out of California so I’m not sure if it will feature local events, but to those living in Cali, this would be a great social marijuana site for you.
  • Mass Roots: Mass Roots is a site that feels like a weed-themed Facebook. Complete with the photo-filled newsfeed and 420 character limit for text, MassRoots is the perfect place for those wanting the familiarity of other sites but with the consistent awesomeness that is cannabis. Mass amounts of cannabis.
  • StonerDays: This site is more like a news outlet for everything cannabis related, but it is unique in that it will allow anyone to submit stories, photos and the like. There is also a blog, a shop and, my personal favorite, an awesome music video section, hand-picked for the stoner in us all. Though hardly as chit-chatty as other social media sites, StonerDays has a lot to offer stoners cruising the web, anyway.
  • WeedWall: WeedWall seems to function a lot like a dispensary locator in that it’s primary function is to offer information about dispensaries, delivery services and medical marijuana doctors, but there is also a community feature in which you can make friends, chat up fellow stoners and post photos of your favorite strains. The site also features cannabis news and blog posts to help users get the most out of their marijuana experience every time.

Despite the fact that marijuana is becoming more socially acceptable, many supporters are still apprehensive about boasting their stance on popular social sites lest Grandma get wind of the news. For those who want to avoid those awkward family moments (or at least reduce their intensity), then save the toke talk for a cannabis-friendly social site like one of these.

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