How to Make Money Promoting Pot

"BloggersMakeMoney" by SEO Planter via Flickr.
“BloggersMakeMoney” by SEO Planter via Flickr.

The cannabis industry is blowing up. Thousands of jobs are being created — hundreds of new businesses are being born within the industry — and as legalization further sweeps the nation, more and more growth within the industry will occur.

No matter how many differences these many businesses have, there are two things they have in common: they support cannabis and they need to promote themselves.

That’s where we come in.

In a technologically-driven society, businesses need content — more specifically, fresh, information-rich content that will

  1. Answer their questions
  2. Promote discussion
  3. Establish themselves as an industry leader
  4. Build relationships with clients
  5. …and so much more.


Also known as content marketing, this online marketing strategy is both affordable and effective. More than 60 percent of businesses used some form of content marketing strategy in 2013 — a number that is projected to grow significantly in the future (as is the cannabis industry), and these businesses need content.

I am looking for writers to offer their services to clients who prefer industry experts.

Anyone with any sort experience (especially those who know how to research credible sources) can apply to become a contributor. Once approved, contributors will be published and become available to accept assignments from clients. They can also contribute to our blog to both promote the site and themselves.

A PayPal account is required to accept payments.

Whether you’ve got a 420-friendly business to promote or are just want to help promote cannabis in general, you can do it at

Won’t you join us?

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