Starting Your Own Marijuana-Themed Website

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Cannabis Content for your Marijuana Website

Three revolutions going on in the new century provide an opportunity to venture into a sustainable home-based career. Those movements are 1) the internet, 2) organic and 3) cannabis. When you plant the right seeds and merge strains together, you end up with a powerful resource that can convert to a lucrative business. Here are tips for starting your own marijuana website.



Use a Free CMS to Build Your Cannabis Website

Starting a professional website can be done easily without spending much money. The fastest way to create a free website after you’ve purchased a low cost domain through a site such as, is with a content management system (CMS), such as WordPress or Blogger. A CMS gives you a suite of online building tools as well as a place to host your domain.

One of the reasons WordPress is the most popular CMS is that it offers user-friendly tools to create a website or blog. A big reason that blogs have become popular is that they are favored by search engines if they are authoritative and original. The difference between blogs and article writing is that blogs mix personality with research, whereas articles tend to be more journalistic. Blogs are more like a series of connected writing that are meant to be interactive with readers, allowing readers to post their comments.

How to Craft an Original Marijuana Website

The beauty  of launching a marijuana website in the early stages of legal cannabis evolution is that there’s a wide open terrain of untapped information about the plant. Remember that search engines are looking to give high rankings to original niche sites, not sites that only exist to duplicate existing online information. Here are some of the directions you can go with original content:

  • latest independent pot studies
  • history of cannabis legislation
  • lists of different marijuana strains
  • maps showing the geography of cannabis
  • anecdotal blogs on the benefits of medical pot
  • tips on how to grow cannabis
  • creative marijuana recipes

Promoting your 420-Friendly Website

Blogging has a natural built-in promotional component known as search engine optimization (SEO). That means using keywords that define your niche and building stories around them.  The keywords should be integrated into content organically so that search engines regard it as sincere and authoritative. Trying to build lightweight content around overuse of keywords is considered spam and could get your site penalized by search engines.

Once you have developed a wealth of useful original content about cannabis, you can then move on to the next phase of content marketing, which is promoting your site. Here are some ways to do that:

  • cross-promote other marijuana blogs
  • partner with businesses selling medical marijuana products.
  • tie pot blogs in with the organic revolution to attract organic sponsors
  • write about marijuana laws to attract partners from the legal profession
  • offer fliers to your website at medical marijuana dispensaries
  • use to tap into marijuana advertisers

Roadblocks with Google and Facebook

Most website owners have the opportunity to monetize and promote their sites through Google’s and Facebook’s pay-per-click platforms. Neither site, however, allows for the promotion or profiting of marijuana content through their channels. It is possible, however, to develop social networks through Google+ and Facebook surrounding the topic of cannabis.

The Future of Your Marijuana Website

In 2015 nearly half of the states in the U.S. have either legalized or decriminalized marijuana in some way. This trend marks a radically different world from the 1990s, when the revolution was just beginning. In that sense, the medical marijuana business has a bright future ahead, and you can have a bright future right along with it by starting your own marijuana website and using it to become a 420-friendly affiliate marketer.

Would you start your own cannabis-themed business? Tell us what items you’d like to feature on your marijuana website.

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5 thoughts on “Starting Your Own Marijuana-Themed Website

  1. A lovely post you got here. May I also say that building your marijuana business takes so much more than we’d expect. Experience has taught me that capacity building is very important. Get the right education about medical marijuana business and how to run it. You can attend cannabis institutions, read cannabis posts, or hire experts to take you along the process. Having the right employees is also very important. Professional and highly experienced employees understand the intricacies of the business and how to handle them. They also know how to deal with your clients. Above all that you should have enough capital, register a legal company, and acquire all the right permits and licenses.

  2. Hi All, I just want to ask if anyone ever tried using medical cannabis as an alternative meds? I have read many articles about medical marijuana and how it can help you in terms of chronic pain, glaucoma, eating disorder/anorexia, anxiety disorders and panic attacks, inflammation, even cancer and a lot more. Like this article about a marijuana strain called Euforia from: . Cbd and thc are also new to me and I don’t even smoke. If this is true I cant find any solid conclusive evidence that speaks to its efficacy. Any personal experience or testimonial would be highly appreciated. Thanks

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