Use Fresh Content to Promote Your Cannabis Business

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“Hot, Fresh, Delivered to You” by Luke Rosenburger via Flickr.

The importance of your cannabis content marketing strategy cannot be overstated. Crafting good content has two main purposes. The first is to attract new readers to your website. Google loves good content and will reward you with high PageRankings, which in turn will help to boost your search engine rankings making it easier for your target audience to find you. The second is to build a reputation as being a thought leader within the cannabis industry. By offering your readers great content about cannabis that is informative and helpful, you’ll create trust and loyalty all while strengthening your brand identity and authority.


The Importance of Fresh Cannabis Content

What does it mean to create “fresh” content? We’re not talking about content that resonates with younger age groups. We’re talking about content that is new and relevant. You need to update your website with fresh content on a weekly basis at the very least. If you don’t, you’re going to lose the readers that you attracted in the first place. Once a reader is hooked on your content (not that your content is addictive), they’re going to come back for more. If you don’t have fresh content, they won’t come back.

How to Use Cannabis Content Effectively

Now that you understand why fresh content is important, you need to know how to make content that is effective in attracting your audience. This can be done by doing the following:

  • SEO – Optimizing your content for SEO (search engine optimization) is vital to helping Google identify and rank your content. This means using strong, relevant keywords in your content, your headers, your meta tags and your meta descriptions. You should also link to strong, relevant off-site resources using keyword-based anchor text. However, don’t overdo it or else Google may punish you for trying to artificially boost your ranking.
  • Headlines – An effective headline is a must if you want to attract the attention of your audience. Try to use one of your keywords within the headline and make sure it’s clear and concise. Few people are going to bother reading your content if the headline is vague.
  • Formatting – Nobody wants to read a giant wall of text, so break your content down into bullets and paragraphs using headers. Add visual content to further break up your content – visual content, like infographics or pictures, make it easier for readers to scan over.
  • Social Engagement – Add social share buttons so that your content is shared on social media, thereby exposing it to more potential readers. Allow readers to comment on your content and incite engagement by asking readers to comment.

Outsourcing Your Cannabis Content

Here’s the thing, cannabis content marketing is difficult. Coming up with subject matter to write about that’s relevant to cannabis can be hard enough in itself, actually writing it – and writing it well – can be an even bigger challenge. Not to mention that you’ll need to write new content two to three times a week in order to keep things fresh. Even if you have the resources to be able to do this in-house, you’ll also have to implement SEO properly and work to promote your content, all while tracking the performance of your content so that you can adjust your cannabis content marketing strategy when needed. It’s a lot of work, which means you might be better off outsourcing your cannabis content so that you can focus on your actual business.

Your cannabis content marketing strategy is vital to your brand’s success. Consider outsourcing your cannabis content to ensure that your content marketing will be effective.


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