Marijuana Tourism in Colorado

bud and breakfast, cannabis vacations, where to toke in colorado
“Bed and Breakfast at Mitchell Creek in Glenwood Springs Colorado” by Michelle Ukleja via Flickr.

Marijuana may be legal in the medicinal and recreational sense in several states but the comeuppance over where to light up and smoke has many tourists scratching their heads. Hotels are all mostly non-smoking; rental cars offer strict penalties for even having a cigarette in one as well. If the local legalization smashed up against the federal and public illegality of smoking pot have you scratching your head, join the club. However there is a budding marijuana tourism movement which has taken hold in the Rocky Mountain foothills; one of the very first has been offered by the Mary Jane Group.


Bud n’ Breakfasts, as they are known by, are Colorado’s premiere “420 Friendly” accommodations. There are currently three properties under the Bud n’ Breakfast umbrella with more on the way. B n’ B Silverthorne,  the Hotel San Ayre in Colorado Springs, and B n’ B Adagio located right in Denver are the names of the three properties and each offers guests something a little different.

Silverthorne is a rustic setting and offers guests the chance to relax and really unwind among like-minded folks. The Hotel San Ayre in Colorado Springs has got a good mixture in it’s suburban outpost. The Adagio has all of the trappings which fans of a city location like Denver could ask for.

All three properties serve breakfast (a place where “wake and bake” is literal!) and there is a 420 Happy Hour in the afternoon.

Perhaps the most refreshing thing about places like these is they offer guests the peace and solitude they want from prying eyes and they get to enjoy all the amazing bud that Colorado has become known for. Another awesome thing is the unexpected camaraderie you will enjoy with other guests, servers, and others you meet in town.

If you fly into Denver or anywhere that recreational weed is legal and you think you’re getting back on that plane with bud to bring home, you’re asking for trouble. If you think you’re just going to trash some dumpy hotel room, that’s no fun either. You want to be able to smoke where you won’t be punished and where you feel welcome.

The Mary Jane Group and these Bud n’ Breakfast locations are filing a definite void in the region.  This is an exciting time for investors looking to get in on the ground floor of something amazing as well! During a recent conference call CEO Joel Schneider set his sights on at least one new Bud n’ Breakfast location to open per quarter. Ticker symbol MJMJ has taken a pretty big hit in recent months; the expected turnaround looks to be huge!


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