The V2 Pro Multi-Medium Vape Pen for Herbs, Concentrates and E-Juice

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The V2 Pro Series 7; sleek design, smooth operation


Vaping seems to be catching on almost as quickly as the marijuana movement, which is a good thing considering how much easier (and healthier) it is to vape rather than smoke. Yes, the vaping world is certainly a big one with hundreds of products available for purchase from local dispensaries, vape stores and online distributors.


For those who want to vape concentrates, finding a pen to do so is easy enough: simply walk into a vape store or dispensary and tell the person behind the counter that you want a vaporizer pen. Chances are, they will turn up any number of different products each with different capabilities and corresponding price tags. But finding the right pen – one that can handle multiple types of product efficiently without crapping out within a few months – is a bit more of a challenge.
Fortunately, I’ve had the privilege of reviewing vaporizer products for other clients and, in doing, stumbled upon the V2 Pro Series of vaporizer pens. After extensive research on the benefits versus draw-backs of the V2 Pro vaporizer pens, I had to try one out for myself and I am not disappointed.
It took me more than a year to bite the bullet and purchase the V2 Pro Series 7 (the Series 3 is cheaper but the newer model, the Series 7, has larger cartridges and a longer battery life so I decided to go big with this one) but I wish I had this sooner. Considering all of the money I’ve blown on cheaper pens in the last year, this $200 package would have paid off long before now.


Pros and Problems with Pens of the Past


I bought my first vaporizer pen at the 2014 High Times Cannabis Cup in Denver. It was an O.Pen that came stocked with wax and even had a flashy flower cartridge for loose-leaf vaping (which is essentially what sold me on the product in the first place). I admit loving the ease of use and the compact size, but the wax cartridge was messy and the flower cartridge ineffective. Though I did have the ability to vape while charging, vaping unplugged only lasted for a few short hours at most. Ultimately, the flimsy parts and messy cartridge exchange did my pipe in when I crushed it trying to pry an old cartridge out of the battery.
The next vaporizer pen I purchased was a V.I.P. brand that came with a nice carrying case and standard battery size (compatible with many different cartridges). I had this pen for less than three months before the battery crapped out, leaving a whole cartridge completely untouched. Though the pen was nice in that it was compact and compatible with many different accessories, the cheap battery (that could only charge when not in use) left me throwing another $70 down the crapper.
Though I’d never vaped e-juice in the past, my husband has had a lot of experience with electronic cigarettes and his most common complaints are short battery life (or the need for multiple batteries so they can be on rotation), messy application and issues with cross-threading cartridges. Grumping about his latest pen is commonplace which only further inspired me to see for myself the benefits of the V2 Pro Series 7 multi-medium vaporizer pen.

Review of the V2 Pro Series 7 Multi-Medium Vaporizer Pen

The V2 Pro Series 7 is designed with the consumer in mind. Its smart design and multi-medium capacity can easily vaporize three different mediums — e-juice, loose leaf products and concentrated oils – by simply switching out the cartridge.
The V2 Pro Series 7 package comes with both a liquid cartridge (which is good for about 15 – 20 refills) and a loose leaf cartridge (which will last for an estimated 1 – 2 months), and an oil cartridge can be purchased for an additional $30 (also with a one- to two-month estimated lifespan).
The magnetic pen does not require screwing anything in place. Just drop the magnetic cartridge into the chamber and let the pen take over. You can vape juice or oils with the simple push of a button or vape loose leaf products by activating the loose leaf cartridge then waiting for the green LED light to puff freely.
Color-coded LED lights will let you know when the pen is on, when it is ready to hit and what the status of its charge is. Though a bit difficult to see in the daylight, the light indicators certainly make it easier to decipher the pen at night or indoors.
The V2 Pro Series 7 can hold a charge for many days and the pen can be used during the charging process, as well. The magnetic charger protects the device and the charger from damage thanks to its break-away feature and easy, snap-in design.
The pen is light-weight and compact but large enough to carry a significant amount of product. The loose leaf cartridge, for example, can produce multiple rounds of puffs from a single bowl and the other two cartridges can do the same. Not many other vaporizer pens can claim the same. It also comes in three different colors – silver, black and blue – so that all members of the household can own one without getting them mixed up.
Finally, the V2 Pro Series 7 vaporizer pen seems very durable. Though I’ve performed minimal tests on this subject (I need to be careful with my new toy, after all), I did have a slight miss-hap when I accidentally tripped and dropped the pen about three feet onto my garage floor. Aside from a small scratch on the button, the piece is still like new. Fortunately, if it did get damaged (or if it didn’t work in the first place), it could still qualify for replacement under its six-month limited warranty.


V2 Pro Series 7 Vaporizers - the evolution of MORE.

Draw-Backs of the V2 Pro

The V2 Pro Series 7 is by no means perfect. There are areas of opportunity that the company can hopefully build on in the coming months so that their next pen will be all that and more. For example, the Series 7 has a unique shape that is not compatible with most other vaporizer accessories. Cartridges, batteries and other accessories must be purchased online which is a huge bummer when your cartridge is burnt out and you just need a replacement. Perhaps the best way to deal with this predicament, then, is to stock up on at least one spare cartridge each so that you can have a new one on rotation while awaiting the next one in the mail.
Another issue is the lack of storage options for the V2 Pro. Those who will only use the pen for a single medium may not have much of an issue with this, but for people like me who plan on puffing on any number of mediums (even while in transit), juggling all of the parts without a safe place to store them has proven to be quite the challenge. I use StashLogix  cases which fit the V2 and all of its accessories quite nicely.  Stashlogix cases be purchased at a 10 percent discount through their website just by entering the coupon code,  “maryjanecan” at checkout.
Lastly, their three temperature settings do not get too hot. Though nice to avoiding combustion, it can make it difficult to get a strong, vapor-filled pull even off of the high heat setting. This has not been an issue for myself, but my husband did note his preference for this so I assume others would agree.


The V2 Pro Series 7 vaporizer pen is hands-down the best vape pen I’ve found so far. Though I’d never been too keen on the whole e-juice thing, I admit the pen has sparked my interest (and reduced my cannabis consumption, to boot). Though there are a few minor disadvantages to the V2, the overwhelming benefits of this vape pen far outweigh the negative aspects. Though its ability to vaporize dried herbs effectively could enough to inspire a purchase, its multi-medium, smart design and user-friendly functionality coupled with an amazing battery life should be enough to inspire anyone in the market for a new portable vaporizer pen to make the purchase.
I’ve certainly been enjoying my new V2 Pro Series 7 vaporizer pen (the flavor of freshly vaped cannabis cannot be beat). Will you?
Place your order now or learn more about V2 products on their website.


2 thoughts on “The V2 Pro Multi-Medium Vape Pen for Herbs, Concentrates and E-Juice

  1. DO NOT BUY V2

    I ordered two cartridges in January, to replace a third I ordered in August. One stopped working within about ten days, and the other just fell apart today.

    So to summarize: the original cartridge didn’t even last 4 months; the second broke after less than 1 month; and now the third is dead after about 2.5 months.

    ALL of these cartridges, even when they were briefly functional, were prone to various levels of leaking. And glycerin is a tough product to clean out of your pockets or off of furniture!

    I legitimately want to enjoy this product, and I love the potential for a 3-in-1 pen. But I absolutely refuse to pay V2 one more cent until it can show that it has rectified these issues.

    1. Thanks for the comment, Fed Up. I called and spoke with a V2 representative and he told me that the average lifespan of a cartridge is about 2-3 months depending on how frequently you use it. My first liquid cartridge is still working after more than four months but my concentrate cartridge crapped out after about two so I purchased another for about $30.

      It sounds like what you’re dealing with is normal for V2. Given how often they need to be replaced. You would think the price would drop a bit. I’ll write a firmly-worded letter to someone and maybe they’ll change it 🙂

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