Medical Marijuana and Back Pain

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For years, many marijuana supporters have made claims about the therapeutic effects of the drug. Studies have proven that it can be effective when used to relieve pain as long as it is taken correctly. States who have recognized its benefits and taken the necessary steps to legalize the drug are quickly learning that it has benefits above and beyond the management of pain. People who once were dependent on opiates, have now discovered that they can get similar relief from using marijuana without the side effects and fear of possible addiction.

Tolerance vs Addiction

When a person experiences severe back pain, opiates are often prescribed to help control the intense pain. Over time, opiate receptors are diminished requiring more and more of the drug to provide the same degree of relief. Continuing to gradually increase the dose to accommodate the patient’s level of pain can cause the medication to be over-used. When this occurs, the body begins to develop a tolerance to the drug. Tolerance is not an addiction. Instead, it means that the medication does not work as efficiently as it once did and more is needed to achieve the desired result.

Marijuana works more efficiently than opiates when it comes to relieving the pain and discomfort associated with back pain. It is less likely to cause an overdose and can actually improve a person’s appetite enough to prevent them from losing too much weight. It is much less likely that a patient will develop a tolerance to the THC found in medical marijuana. As a certified herbalist, I have seen how medical marijuana impacts a person with severe, chronic back pain.

After a motorcycle accident in which a client of mine broke two vertebrae in his lower back and dislocated both hips, his chronic pain was so severe it limited the amount of time he could stand independently without support. After six months of excruciating pain in which he was prescribed both Norco and Vicodin, he eventually applied for and received his medical marijuana card. Within six weeks of using the prescribed dose, his pain level was reduced to a five and was able to walk for several minutes without assistance.

Understanding the Side Effects of Marijuana

While medical marijuana offers benefits when it comes to easing pain, reducing inflammation and helping maintain a healthy weight, it does have a few side effects. When a person receives their medical marijuana card, the doctor evaluates their condition and determines what dosage is needed to help relieve their pain and suffering. One of the side effects of marijuana in general, is that it can slow down thought processes and derail a person’s motivation. While a prescribed dose will be less likely to affect motivation or disrupt normal thought patterns, smoking too much can have a noticeable affect on both.

Medical marijuana can be consumed in the form of cannabis oil or inhaled and smoked like regular tobacco. For those who choose to smoke, many health professionals believe that inhaling medical marijuana smoke may cause some of the same harmful side effects as cigarettes. Marijuana contains more tar than a regular cigarette and may damage the lungs after years of continued use. For those who prefer to use cannabis oil, side effects are minimal and the benefits are quick to be seen.

At Cannabis Content, our writers can provide you with the content you need to help others understand just how effective medical marijuana and cannabis oil are at helping patients manage their pain effectively and safely. Our writers have the resources to provide you with factual and verifiable information. Every article, every fact and every study can be used to verify and support the information we provide. When you need quality content, go to a team of writers who is dedicated to helping you spread the word about the benefits of medical marijuana and cannabis oil.

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3 thoughts on “Medical Marijuana and Back Pain

  1. Pain relief is one of the main reasons why people pursue their medical marijuana license. From slight back pain to severe surgery pain, cannabis can help to calm those feelings without the use of heavy narcotics.

    1. Exactly! And it can help other meds work more effectively, too. It’s like Seth Rogan said in “Knocked up”, “Marijuana…is like the best medicine because if fixes everything”. So true. So true.

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