Affiliate Marketing

No matter who you are, where you are or what you do, you can be a part of the cannabis industry. One great way to do this is through affiliate marketing, or the promotion of goods and services in exchange for something, usually commission or discounted goods.

There are many ways to be a successful affiliate marketer in the cannabis industry including social media involvement, email promotions and niche website management. You can start a basic blog for free through sites like WordPress, Weebly or Blogger, though more advanced sites may require a web host.

After deciding your marketing strategy, it’s time to find your affiliates. I recommend starting with one or two companies to work with and experimenting with different marketing strategies before taking on multiple accounts. You’ll want to stay focused if you want to maintain a following, after all, and you’ll need to avoid sounding too much like a salesman if you want to make that happen.

Finally, a strong affiliate marketing strategy should include high-quality, fresh content. Be it clever memes, interesting articles or other informative content, the best way to attract an audience is by offering them what they want: education, inspiration or entertainment. You can produce the content yourself, share the work of others on your blog and/or subcontract the work out to a content agency like Cannabis Content.

There are many 420-friendly companies that have affiliate programs. Rather than let you weed through page after page of “420-friendly affiliate” search results, we’ve composed a list of some of the best marijuana affiliate programs on the web. We’ll be updating our list regularly so check back often.

If you have a cannabis business that you would like our affiliates to help promote, send us some info and we’ll get in touch.


Online Seed Banks


Based out of Canada, MyWeedSeeds is a seed company that boasts award-winning strains from some of the world’s top breeders. Shoppers have access to hundreds of seeds including feminized, auto flowering strains that can be custom-selected for either indoor grows, outdoor grows or both. They can ship almost anywhere in the world using discrete shipping methods that are almost certain to make it to their final destination without any problems.

The My Weed Seeds affiliate program works much like any other, with commission as high as 20 percent for direct sales. Affiliates can also sign up sub-affiliates and earn a percentage of their sales based on a tier structure. In other words, not only will an affiliates earn commission on their own and tier two sub-affiliate sales, but they will earn commission for sales up to ten tiers down, too. Affiliates can promote individual products or promote the whole superstore from their marketing platform.

The Vault

The Vault is an international seed bank based out of Europe that features thousands of prize strains from multiple breeders across the globe. They are often touted as one of the most generous seed banks in the world, specializing in premium-quality strains and top-notch support. Shoppers can purchase regular, feminized or auto-flowering seeds in multiple currencies (and should expect a few extra goodies in each package, too).

Affiliates of the Vault will receive a 10 percent commission for each sale to be paid out at the end of each month plus and extra $10 just for signing up. They will also have access to a wide range of banner ads and other marketing tools plus a live dashboard to track clicks and traffic. There is a minimum payment threshold of $100.


Grow Supplies


Dealzer is a website that offers a wide variety of marijuana grow equipment including nutrients, grow tents, herb dryers, training manuals and complete grow box systems that are both secure and self-contained. The Dealzer affiliate program offers great incentives like a 25% signing bonus and 15% commission on all sales. As a Dealzer affiliate, you will be notified of any impending sales to use in your promotions as well as automatic updates any time a sale goes through.

SuperGrow LED

SuperGrow LED grow lights are low-cost ways to get any indoor grow thriving. Using full-spectrum LED lights, these little guys can help produce a few ounces of cannabis flower per light and only cost a fraction of the cost of competitors. The lights also put off very little excess heat (they won’t burn plants) making them perfect for small spaces.

SuperGrow’s affiliate program offers marketers a flat 10% of the sale price minus any coupons. They also have a tiered affiliate program which allows affiliates to sign up sub-affiliates to earn 1% of their sales. Sales and hits can be tracked through their online affiliate program.



V2 Affiliate Program

This common convenience store E-Cig also comes with herb- and concentrate-compatible vaporizer pens. Their most recent design, the V2 Pro Series 7 Advanced Vaporizer pen, uses smart technology to determine which medium is being vaporized and heats the chamber accordingly. Couple that with magnetic features, convenient light indicators and a vape-as-you-charge design to get an easy sell from the V2 Pro series.

The V2 Cigs affiliate program is one of the best of its kind, typically, they offer 15-20 percent commission per sale for the first 99 sales then increased commission after that, but for a limited time (during much of 2016), the will offer a whopping 75 percent commission rate for each new customer. This is in addition to the $25 sign-up bonus and slew of attractive banners and text links, plus an easy-to-use dashboard to keep track of it all.


VaporNation is a vaporizer superstore featuring hundreds of the best vaporizer brands in the world. Website visitors can choose from thousands of vaporizer pens and accessories by price, brand or type, and can even sign up to win free goodies and valuable discounts. The site also features a number of unique products for the cannabis enthusiast like the grinder watch or the smoke buddy, perfect advertising during the holidays.

The VaporNation affiliate program is free to join and can earn marketers a 15 percent commission on the sale of most products. The affiliate tracking program uses cookies to track visitor activity and record the IP address of clicks and their sources. This means that purchases can be made well after the initial click and still be credited to the affiliate that generated the traffic. The initial payment threshold is $100 with any payout amount thereafter.


Marijuana Training Programs

Cannabis Training University

For those eager to jump-start their cannabis career, Cannabis Training University can make it all happen. Students have access to over 100 virtual courses and training videos headed by some of the industry’s top professionals. Master’s certificate are available for programs like cannabis cultivation, marijuana laws and regulations, cooking with cannabis, budtending services, dispensary management or marijuana as medicine.

The Cannabis Training University affiliate program is well worth the promotional effort, too. Offering a commission rate between 30 and 50 percent, the CTU affiliate program is perhaps one of the best cannabis affiliate programs available today. The program features customized banner ads accessible through your affiliate dashboard and tiered tracking links so that you can profit off of tiered accounts, as well. Payments are issued monthly via PayPal and require a minimum balance of at least $100.




Affiliate marketing is an excellent way to promote your favorite products and make a little cash in the process. To learn more or to suggest an affiliate marketing partner, contact us using the form below.