Writer Profiles

Abby is a freelance writer and cannabis enthusiast. She is a regular contributor to publications like Colorado Pot Guide and Ganjapreneur and founder of the content and affiliate marketing agency, Cannabis Content.

Kyle has 7 years of indoor/outdoor and greenhouse cannabis growing experience. He graduated with a B.S. with an emphasis is plant biology and has lived around agriculture his whole life. He also spent some time working at a vineyard and commercial greenhouse along with 10 years in conventional agriculture. His cannabis growing experience includes hydroponics, soil-less, outdoor guerrilla, and greenhouse along with some breeding experience. His main focus is on sustainability so majority of techniques are organic/natural based.

Wendy Melton has a Master’s Degree in Natural Health and is also a Certified Herbalist. For the last 20 years she has dedicated her practice to helping her clients find effective solutions to various health problems She began researching and recommending medical marijuana and cannabis oil seven years ago when a close friend broke his back in a motorcycle accident. Through his use and her research on ways to help him through the recovery process, Wendy learned an abundance of valuable information that she continues to use for her other clients.


Jeanne Gripp is a freelance writer, sculptural artist and avid cannabis supporter who lives in the shadow of Pikes Peak. A Colorado native, Jeanne has watched cannabis grow from the back rooms to the front rooms as it has become a mainstream topic in today’s culture. Also an avid gardener, Jeanne has cultivated cannabis and cooked with the harvest, creating her own recipes for relaxation.


Tim Weaver is an independent American blogger, sportswriter and novelist. He writes about the NFL, politics, movies and cannabis. In his free time he reads, watches Game of Thrones and plays entirely too much basketball. You can usually find him dissing Donald Trump on Twitter @TimWeaver84.

began researching music with cannabis content after learning in the seventies that the Beatles had experimented with pot. His curiosity stemmed from the media portrayed cannabis, which he has found to be less dangerous than cigarettes or alcohol. By 2015, Joe came to the conclusion that much of the negative propaganda about marijuana was based on scare tactics originating from the “establishment.” Marijuana’s ban starting in 1937 was tied to protecting the interests of multiple synthetic industries threatened by the plant’s organic characteristics.


Hello, my name is Marti. I enjoy both using and learning about cannabis. I have experience both from numerous years ago and currently, now that it has been legalized in Colorado. I smoke occasionally, and have baked some of my own enhanced cookies and brownies. I have friends who have a grow business in their homes, and friends who are connoisseurs of the different types available and generously share their knowledge. The world of marijuana use and marijuana marketing has undergone major growth and amazing changes during the past few years, and I am learning more about the industry daily.


Benjamin grew up on the outskirts of Amsterdam before moving to the U.S. He attended a liberal arts school in the deep south where he became intimately aware of cannabis culture. Ben is well informed about marijuana laws and has kept up to date with the legalization process in various states. Benjamin prefers to craft cannabis content based on marijuana’s complex history and has in-depth knowledge regarding the varying strains of marijuana, the many scientifically proven benefits of marijuana and even recipes for a variety of marijuana-infused baked goods.


Laura is a professional writer with five years’ experience writing on a range of topics, including marketing, health, news, and culture. She began specializing in cannabis content after becoming interested in the controversy surrounding the legalization of marijuana, despite the plant’s proven health benefits. She uses her experience in inbound marketing to create marijuana marketing pieces and her background in health writing for posts on the medicinal qualities of cannabis and its potential for treating a range of conditions.


Definitely an avid traveler; Jesse and his wife have visited all 48 contiguous United States in their road tripping travels and they are just getting going. Having come around to marijuana in the typical way in high school, Jesse now sees a budding industry with many opportunities for investing and expansion. He was first drawn to Colorado in 2013 when recreational legality was still a murky gray area and he and his wife have been back several times. Awaiting federal legalization and declassification has him honed in on the pressing issues of the moment.





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